brian davies award

We won!!!!

Each year, Network for Animals (NFA) awards the Brian Davies Award to three organisations that do outstanding work in the field of animal welfare. The award is named after NFA founder, Brian Davies, a pioneer of modern animal welfare campaigning.

This year we were the recipient of the 2021 Brian Davies Gold Award.

We are humbled by this award, and would like to thank Network for Animals for the amazing honour, and also all Network for Animals supporters for always donating and supporting these important causes. It has been a hard 5 years with very little support. We have worked so hard to save as many animals as we could. This award means so much to every volunteer and every staff member at Have a Heart.

This is for all our supporters who have helped us get here and who believed in us, this is for every person who has donated to us. This is for all our sponsors who are always their for us. This is to our families who have helped more then you know.

I would like to thank my beautiful wife who has been the rock of this Sanctuary, she has gone without so much so that we could feed and rescue. Vicky Ward, this is to you and all your hard work, all your support you give to me and helping us reach Gold.

Here’s to us Have A Heart!

brian davies award

The 2021 Brian Davies Silver Award winners are the Starting Over Sanctuary (SOS) in Israel, for its excellent work in rescuing and caring for donkeys in very challenging situations, and the Fiona Animal Refuge of Hidalgo (FAR) in Hidalgo, Mexico, led by Dottie Cross, which works tirelessly to reduce overpopulation and animal abuse in the region. Congratulations! 

Read more about the winners and the significance of the award here.