Sponsor a horse process

Sponsoring a horse is a wonderful way to help if you have limited time, space or finances and can’t commit to a lifetime of horse care. With the sponsorship, you will receive a beautiful picture of the horse you’ve chosen and their story.

Many of our sponsor horses are unlikely to ever find a home due to age or injury. Horse sponsors help to provide the necessary funding to keep the wonderful herd happy and healthy. On average, it costs R1000 per month to care for a horse on our farm, which includes providing food and bedding along with dental, veterinary, and hoof care. In addition to the finances required to provide the necessities to keep our horses healthy and fed, there is also the cost of manpower hours to exercise, groom and care for the herd. Horse sponsorships are very important as they help to support the backbone of our organization.


Decide on a monthly or annual sponsorship.
For an annual sponsorship of R2500 or more you will also receive your own sponsored horse key chain.
This is a rewarding way to be involved with our rescue efforts and to help the horses! It can also be a unique gift for a friend or relative.
Monthly support for a horse at Have A Heart Equine Sanctuary starts at R250 per month.


Please fill out the sponsorship application form – click the button below.

Thank you for your support

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