Surrender a horse

We are often contacted by people who have run into financial difficulty or who no longer can look after their horse. We are mainly a Rescue organization but we will always try and help if we have space available and the following criteria is met:

Surrender donation

If you are able to, we welcome a surrender donation of R1000 per horse. When the horse is surrendered, it is evaluated by our veterinarian, given vaccinations and dewormed, along with any other medical procedures as needed. The horse is also evaluated by our trainers to determine its training level and areas that need to be improved. This all takes a lot of time and money so we ask for a surrender donation to help cover those costs.


Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary is able to assist with transporting the horse for surrender for a quoted amount, depending on how far you are away from our sanctuary. Please contact us to determine the transportation fee, should you need our assistance in getting the animal to our farm. If you are able to transport the horse yourself, please do so or look into other potential options for transport if possible. We are very busy, but can assist if needed.

Surrender policies

All surrenders are final after the surrender paperwork has been submitted and processed. You will no longer be responsible for the horse in any way. All surrender horses are evaluated for adoptability and it is our goal that every surrendered horse is able to be adopted into a new loving home. If, through the evaluation process, it is determined that the horse is not adoptable and is in need of the last act of kindness, we will follow our veterinarian’s advice on any end-of-life decisions.

Surrender a horse form

If you have met the above criteria and need to surrender a horse –
please click the button below to complete the Surrender of Equine form.