Have a heart equine Sanctuary Have a heart equine Sanctuary Where rescue horses
and farm animals can
find a place called home

Our mission

To provide a place of safety, care and rehabilitation for horses that have been abused, abandoned or are unmanageable to their current owners. Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary not only cares for horses – we offer a safe and loving home to all farm animals that will live out their days on our farm.


Have a Heart Wins Network for Animals Brian Davies Gold Award

We won!!!!

Each year, Network for Animals (NFA) awards the Brian Davies Award to three organisations that do outstanding work in the field of animal welfare. This year we were the recipient of the 2021 Brian Davies Gold Award.

We are humbled by this award, and would like to thank Network for Animals for the amazing honour, and also all Network for Animals supporters for always donating and supporting these important causes. It has been a hard 5 years with very little support. We have worked so hard to save as many animals as we could. This award means so much to every volunteer and every staff member at Have a Heart.


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Ways you can help

Annual rescue statistics

Some interesting statistics to illustrate how many equines and owners we help every year! 

Horses and donkeys at our base on any given day
Horses and donkeys assisted, and owners educated
Kilometres travelled to assist horses and donkeys in need

Our sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors for your support over the years. We are extremely grateful for your contributions that help us do the work we love.

If you would like to become a sponsor, please visit our Donate page.