Frequently asked questions

Where do the horses come from?2020-06-04T12:08:06+02:00

Some horses are abandoned, surrendered, rescued or confiscated by us and come from all areas across South Africa.

When I come to view a horse for adoption, am I allowed to ride it?2020-06-02T18:20:05+02:00

Yes, if the horse is sound (and safe!) to be ridden.

What is Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary’s euthanasia policy?2020-06-02T18:25:50+02:00

We will always put the interest of the animal first, and their health and quality of life are our top priority. We will always get advice from a veterinarian when it comes to the decision to humanely euthanise an animal, and we will never let an animal suffer.

What if I can no longer keep the horse I am fostering?2020-06-02T17:52:51+02:00

Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary allows for this situation in our fostering contract as we understand sometimes situations arise and the commitment to foster a horse can no longer be fulfilled. The foster horse must be returned to the sanctuary and we will continue to look after the horse until we find a new home for them.

What are you looking for on a foster property?2020-06-02T18:06:40+02:00

The property would need to have adequate fencing to ensure the safety of the horse, adequate shelter from harsh elements, sufficient grazing and be a large enough area to exercise.

I have no experience with handling horses, can I still volunteer?2020-06-02T17:49:19+02:00

Yes, you can! Horses need love and grooming and we will teach you all that you need to know.

How old do I have to be to volunteer at Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary?2020-06-02T17:44:31+02:00

If you are 16 years or older, you can volunteer at Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary.

How much money should I budget for every month if I am considering adopting a horse?2020-06-02T17:57:08+02:00

On average, it costs approximately R1500 per month to care for one horse if it is stabled on your own land. Veterinary bills, farrier costs and general medical care would also need to be taken into account.

How many horses does Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary care for?2020-06-04T12:09:40+02:00

At any given day during the year, we can have up to 85 horses in our care on the farm.

How long is volunteer work or can I just come for one day?2020-06-02T17:47:43+02:00

There is no limit. We will welcome you for 1 day to 1 week to 1 month, the amount of time you dedicate towards volunteer work is up to you. We will privide accomodation and food for the duration of your stay. Please refer to our Volunteer page for more information.

How long is the length of time required to foster a horse?2020-06-02T17:59:44+02:00

Fostering a horse is usually for a minimum of 3 months but this could be up to 3 years until the horse has found a suitable permanent home.

How long does the adoption process take?2020-06-02T17:57:41+02:00

Normally it takes 72 hours from the start of application to completion.

How do I report abuse?2020-06-02T18:36:48+02:00

To report abuse please see our Report Abuse page.

How do I foster a horse?2020-06-15T18:35:52+02:00

Please see our Foster Program page.

How do I adopt a horse?2020-06-15T18:36:07+02:00

Please see our Adoption Process page.

Does Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary allow breeding of rescue horses?2020-06-02T18:22:14+02:00

No. When we rescue a horse, we don’t always know if they are pregnant or not, so we do sometimes end up with foals being born in our care. We don’t allow breeding otherwise!

Does Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary allow adopted horses to be sold?2020-06-02T18:08:02+02:00

No, we do not. We track the horse for the rest of its life to make sure it remains safe and cared for adequately.

Do you only care for horses at Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary?2020-06-02T18:37:06+02:00

No, Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary cares for all farm animals and not only horses. Other animals include donkeys, cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, ducks, goats and sheep.

Can I choose which horse I want to foster?2020-06-15T18:26:31+02:00

Yes! Have a look at our horses available to foster on our Foster a Horse page.


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