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Each year Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary assists dozens of horse owners by taking in their equine companions and finding new homes or offering short-term Livery.

Your partnership with Have A Heart Equine Sanctuary allows us to continue with our mission to assist horses and horse owners in need. Your return on investment includes gaining positive publicity in the community as you align your business with a reputable local non-profit, company brand recognition, and
exposure that will increase interest in your products and services.

Funding comes from the following sources:

Individual / Business Donations
Successful Grants
Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary Fundraising

Operating costs are approximately R500,000 annually which includes: feed, farrier work, veterinary care, equine training, adoption placement, farm maintenance, and money allocated to support successful horse ownership in the community.

Sponsorship levels

Your sponsorship will be advertised in all Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary materials and e-mail blasts as appropriate – sponsors are granted use of Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary’s logo to promote your partnership and support of Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary.

Level 1

Contribution: R1500 – R2500

All sponsors contributing R1500 to R2500 receive recognition in all marketing channels including:

  • Your business logo featured on our website for three months
  • Acknowledgement on all of Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Acknowledgement on the Sponsors social media sites as applicable
Level 2

Contribution: R2500+

All sponsors contributing R2500 plus receive the following:

  • All Level 1 benefits
  • Your business logo featured on our website for one year
  • Verbal recognition as a Sponsor at ALL our Events”
  • A large 1m x 1m corporate logo banner displayed along HAH driveway for one year

If you would like to become one of our sponsors, please complete the following form:

Other ways to partner with us

As part of a thank you to all our corporate sponsors – your logo will be displayed on our website.

Donate a percentage of your sales

Offer a buy/match programme

Contribute in kind donations

Invite us to be a part of your company events