Our story

Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 210005) for horses and farm animals and was founded in 2017.

The Sanctuary gives all equines in need a place of safety, love and a chance for a new life. Our goal is to care for horses that have been neglected, abused, abandoned or are unmanageable to their current owners. We take in equines in need of medical attention and/or behavioural training. Their care will be tracked throughout their lives to ensure their permanent safety. The Sanctuary also exists to educate the public about equine care and rehabilitation.

Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary does not only take in equines, we offer a safe and loving home to all farm animals that will live out their days on our farm.

What we do

At Have a Heart Equine Sanctuary we focus on the following:


We provide a re-homing service to suitable homes on a special adoption policy for equines whose owners can no longer afford them. Should you wish to adopt one of our horses, please see our Adopt a Horse page. If you are unable to adopt a horse, but could offer temporary care by fostering one of our horses before they find their forever home, please see our Foster a Horse page.


The education of horse owners and communities in areas in which we work is a vital part of our organisation. We make every effort to first educate owners before we remove horses, but there are unfortunately many people who cannot, or often will not, try to improve their horses’ condition. If an animal’s well-being is at risk, we will step in and confiscate the animal.


We investigate cases of neglect, cruelty and abuse reported by the public. Should you know of any animals currently facing any form of abuse, neglect or abandonment, please report this to us. Under no circumstances will your details be given out to anyone without your express permission. You can submit reports via our Report Abuse page.

Meet the team

Victoria Ward
Victoria WardHead Chairperson
Lesley-Anne Hodgeskin
Lesley-Anne HodgeskinTreasurer
Marion Walker
Marion WalkerSecretary