Our dearest Apollo ❤️

 In March 2019 we were alerted to horses in serious need of help out in Port Nolloth 😰

 On arrival and some searching we found 3 horses in need of help and assistance. They were eating out of dustbins and begging people for food on doorsteps.

Have a heart equine Sanctuary

Have a Heart put out a plea for assistance on FB and that’s when we met the most incredible people on the face of this planet.

The most amazing Sophie sent the most beautiful letter that made our hearts melt and the tears flow…… offering to give up her birthday party to help Apollo 💕🥰😰

We intervened and with SAPS assistance, managed to get the horses signed over to us.

We moved the horses to a place of safety out of the area, but were unable to bring them to Have a Heart due to lack of vaccinations and passports.

Kaptein and Lilly were adopted quickly and Apollo had to wait….

 After months, quarantine and a few challenges, Apollo was gelded and finally moved to KRES Livery & Lessons.

 He is now living a life most horses would only dream of, with 3 adoring mom’s and his amazing rescuer Sophie.

 He is living proof that rescue horses deserve a chance ❤️💕 and true love does exist….