Happy Wednesday friends and Followers

Sorry for the delay in our weekly update.

We have been so blessed with 30mm of rain over the last 2 days, but this also means a shortage of power as we run off solar πŸ™ˆ

We can’t wait to see our planted fields start growing now and it is perfect timing.

Over the weekend we said goodbye to 2 of our beautiful Arab’s, Assad and Yumna. They have both landed with their bum’s in the butter and are happy and doing so well

This week sees a large number of our beautiful babies departing which is always bittersweet πŸ’•β€οΈ

Galaxy and Dynamite will be leaving us tomorrow. They are best friends and have been adopted out together πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Rosie the pinto Gouda 5 filly will be leaving us today, to go joining beautiful girl Amber, piggies and family. She is going to be spoiled rotten πŸ’

Have a heart equine Sanctuary

Our TB weanlings will be venturing out into the big wide world as soon as a float is available 😘😁

River, Gypsy and Ariel will be heading off next month as well ❀️

Talia our beautiful dun mare got snapped up as soon as she was ready 😁

Last but not least is Timeless the absolutely stunning Time Thief yearling filly who will be heading to her very excited mommy as soon as the float has a spot ❀️

We have some new arrivals in and coming in this week. 😰

Some beautiful TB mares have started to arrive. Unfortunately with the lockdown and the current state of the economy we have been asked to help out with these beautiful girls. Most are in foal but they will be cared for like all our other babies and will foal down here and have the opportunity to have a second chance at life as will the foals. (I know we will get a few people who will want to slam the racing industry etc but this is NOT the place to do it.)

We have another lovely pony coming in tomorrow and I know he will be snapped up in no time πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

We still have some amazing horses available for adoption.

  • Moika Dancer 11 year old TB mare super quiet
  • V Lady 10 year old TB mare forward and keen
  • After Glow 5 year old TB mare forward will jump
  • Annie 12-13 year old WB x will make a super western or dressage horse
  • Leroy 5 year old saddler x pony
  • LEGO 6 year old xbreed pony
  • Charlie 4 year old welsh x pony
  • New Heights Rising 4 TB gelding amazing canter
  • Limited offer 11 year old fabulous easy potential dressage horse
  • There are still many more.

We are still looking for any unwanted shade cloth, poles or piping. With this cold snap we want to finish off our last few shelters and build 3 more shelter stables.

Thank you to the amazing horsey community in Johannesburg for some lovely donations last week ❀️

Any unwanted blankets, tack, head collars etc will also be gladly accepted, we are doing a donation run in Cape Town next week πŸ’

Hope you all have a fabulous week ahead and stay warm and safe β€οΈπŸ’•

Thank you for choosing Have a Heart ❀️