Cat Psychology and Training

Learn about:

  • Cat communication – domestic and wild cats
  • Cat behaviour training – domestic cats
  • Cat behaviour
  • Cat business management

Duration (approx)

100 hours


Statement of Attainment

Behaviour can be managed

It has been said that “nobody owns a cat” (Ellen Perry Berkeley), but cats are extremely popular pets. It is thought that around 34% of American homes own a cat.
Cats are known for their relative independence however humans and cats have lived together for thousands of years. A cat’s jawbone was found in Cyprus that was around 8000 years old. As it is unlikely that anyone would have taken a wild cat on a boat, it is suggested that domestication of cats occurred around 8000 years ago.   But a later finding from 9500 years ago was a cat buried with a human, suggesting domestication was even earlier than thought.  But even further than that, in the Near East it is thought that domestication began nearly 12000 years ago.

The Ancient Greeks revered cats. There was a death sentence for anyone caught killing a cat.  The Ancient Romans held cats as a symbol for liberty.  But during the Middle Ages, cats were demonised as they were thought to be linked to the devil and witches – the witch’s familiar and so on.  Many were killed as a way to fight off evil. This unfortunately was not a clever thing to do as some researchers think that this helped to spread the plague as the cats were not there to kill the rats carrying the plague.

Why Study this Course?

Some study this course purely because they have a great passion for cats. Others take this course to give them the knowledge and skills to work with cats.

Through these studies, your knowledge and understanding of cat behaviour will grow, and your ability to respond appropriately in order to manage cats will increase.

You are likely to find yourself looking at cats differently, analyzing what they do and postulating how humans should or should not interact with them.

This course can be very useful for:

  • Cat owners
  • Pet shop staff and retail managers
  • Veterinary assistants and other animal health professionals
  • Breeders, groomers and boarding cattery staff
  • Animal control officers, animal welfare officers
  • Project managers, learning and development workers and business owners

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